From the beginning we sell and assembly windows made  by PVC, wood and aluminium.
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We have been on the market since 1996. From the beginning we sell and assembly windows made  by PVC, wood and aluminium.
In 2011 we started production of aluminum joinery. Our technology partner is ALUPLAST Sp. zoo from Lublin city, who has extensive experience in this field.

By purchasing modern machines we carry out the most complex investments. We invite you to familiarize with our offer, in which the primary range is a modern aluminum joinery which stands out for its high versatility and wide application.In our assortment there are among other things aluminum facades and winter gardens, which additionally increase aesthetic value of the whole composition. We advise clients what kind of system should select, to provide benefits both functionality as well as financial level. We strive the customer to make customer was satisfied with the quality of the product and its price. 

We always take into account the technical conditions that should be adapted to the given object.

Consultation is the first and most important step in cooperation that allows us to create a project for the client’s needs and technical requirements of the building. For the convenience of customer we offer advice by telephone or appointment.We are aware of the changing requirements and expectations of the client and trends, which we try to keep up with. So that noting escaped our attention. We are experts, manufactures and seller of aluminum design and personalized offer gives us a number of development and implementation of projects specifically under the expectation of our clients.

We focus on what says to us customer, we listen and act effectively and uncompromisingly.

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